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CROSSWALK marathon

About CROSSWALK marathon

WHAT: In one day, artist Anne Devine will walk in a circuit on the streets of San Francisco, marking the locations of two proposed crosswalks. In walking 161 circuits, she will travel 26.2 miles - the length of a marathon. She will never move further than one block from her starting point.

The public is invited to atttend and to participate.

WHY: The aim of CROSSWALK marathon is to focus attention on the need for CROSSWALKS on Sixteenth Street to facilitate safe pedestrian street crossings in the area. increased traffic and use of Sixteenth Street as a vehicle corridor due to urban expansion (Ballpark, Potrero Hill population explosion, UCSF Mission Bay development) has made crossing this unregulated strech of Sixteenth Street unsafe. Numerous formal requests have been made for crosswalks at this particular site and The City of San Francisco recognizes the need for not one but TWO crosswalks at this site (APR 2006), however, the CIty does not designate lower Potrero Hill as a crosswalk construction priority for allocation of city dollars.

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